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Vini Yoga Session

Vini Yoga Session / June 11th - June 26th / 8:00-9:00

A Yoga session dedicated to all levels and without any requirements or prerequisites. All ages are welcome. The sessions will be focused on breathing tecniques for muscular and mental relaxation.

We offer you two weeks of Yoga practice to start off the day in the best possible way, with body and mind aligned along a positive vibe that will allow you to enjoy your vacation to its fullest potential.

You will explore the path of well-being with instructor Katja Mondorf using Vini Yoga, a tecnique which encompasses Krishnamacharya and TKV Desikachar.

"Everyone can practice Yoga as long as they are breathing": get in touch with your inner self and discover new emotions, becoming aware of your body and mind.

We start on 11th June , 15th June, 19th June, 23rd June and 26th June.

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